Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And now we know....

I had my ultrasound yesterday! We went for the ultrasound before we saw the doctor, and our sweet baby was all curled up and wouldn't show! I must admit I was pretty disappointed:( However, the awesome ultrasound tech said we just had to be patient and to come back after we saw the doctor. So we did, and after some wiggling and pushing, our baby showed us that.....


I am so thrilled I could just start crying all over again! Everything looked wonderful and I immediately have visions of dressing her up, like she is my very own live doll! Charlotte Leigh is the name we have chosen for our sweet girl! It is so wonderful to call her by name!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

God is So Good

I just wanted to share with my blog friends how much I feel God is working in my life. First of all, my next doctor's visit and ultrasound are a short 8 days away. I usually feel so much anxiety when a doctor's visit is approaching. I feel so much peace about this appointment. I just feel like everything will be fine. I am so thankful for these peaceful feelings. I hope to also learn the gender of our baby. I initially did NOT want to know the gender, but I gave in to my husband. However, now that there is a date that I can possibly know, time has been really dragging! I really still do not care about what gender the baby is, but it will be so cool to know. I even told my husband in the car yesterday that in two weeks the excitement would be over because we would know the gender of our baby. He laughed and said that was when the fun could truly begin! I just love him to pieces.

I also continue to be in prayer for my parents who have really been struggling financially recently mostly because of the economy. My dad was laid off from his job a little over a year ago. Although he was fortunate enough to find a new job, his pay is probably close to half of what he used to make. They've really been struggling to make ends meet financially. My mom was mostly a stay at home mom when we were growing up, and her job skills are limited. She has been searching for a job, but it has been difficult. She has been cleaning offices a couple of days a week, but she is looking for more. My mom has a great job opportunity presented to her that will require her to input data on a computer. She is VERY nervous about it, and she is afraid she won't be smart enough to do it. Please say a prayer for her. I would love it if this were the job she was able to have. She would be off weekends, and she will have medical benefits. My mom and dad have been without insurance for a long time. They postpone medical check-ups because they are too expensive. Please just pray for her!

I believe this is God's answer to their financial woes! I just see Him working in my life in so many ways! I am continually in wonder!