Thursday, July 21, 2011

Updates Again

Wow! I have so much to tell about what's been going on! On July 4, I decided to take a HPT because AF had still not arrived. Finally, after 2 and a half years we got our BFP. It still seems like a dream. I imagined that moment for so long that it still doesn't seem real now that it has finally happened.

I called my RE office and went in for blood work to check my beta levels and progesterone. Betas looked good but progesterone was a bit low, but they gave me medicine for that. Went back 2 days later for more blood work to make sure my betas were going up like they should, and they were! On Monday, we went for an ultrasound to make sure everything was fine, and it was. There was an itty bitty beanie in there and he/she had a heartbeat of 113. It was really surreal. I was also nervous about the ultrasound because I do not really have any symptoms. No morning sickness, etc. I know it sounds crazy, but I wish I did because it would make me feel better mentally. We were days away from our first ultrasound with our last pregnancy, but we never made it. This is a brand new experience for me. One that I am not taking for granted. I know how quickly this could all end. I am now released to my OB and I have my first appointment with him on Aug. 16.

I am very happy and excited, but the fear and the "what ifs" still creep up on me. Every little twinge of something makes me nervous. I am trying to give it to God. I know His plan for me is perfect. It is what it is...I am just trying to pray and have faith that we will be okay.

I am also thankful that I will still be off of work for most of the first trimester. I will actually work 3-4 weeks and then be in for the second trimester. I truly pray that we will make it this time. I am just so thankful for the chance.

Also, my hubby and I are leaving Sunday for our big vacation. We're heading to Las Vegas, and I am soooo excited.

So, for all of you prayerful people, please pray for a safe trip, a healthy pregnancy, a healthy delivery, and a healthy baby.

Our EDD is March 5, 2012.